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Custom social media dashboards that engage event audiences

Socialize with us! Check out our Features, Services, and lastest Examples. If you're interested in learning more or discussing a partnership, contact us today. Then you need @refynr RT @mpitechcon: @vlaclair I wish it integrated twitter, and Flickr photos, and allowed for posting delay. @PYMLive Connect with your audiences everywhere In-person or virtual attendees Optimized viewing on iPhones, Android, iPads, and laptops Put QR codes on name badges for instant engagement Show the ROI of social media at your event Find out what people are happy or upset about, so you can react Measure the ROI of being active on Twitter Find out who is most influential in your industry New Sponsorship opportunity Drives eyeballs to your brand Attendees click on sponsors logos to view their website For every 100 attendees, at least 20 additional attendees connect virtuallly Custom screens to engage event audiences The premier interactive technology for events Designed and branded by Refynr professionals Twitter, SMS technology, photos, sponsors slideshow, & more! Feeds are monitored & filtered by Refynr Safety first: Spam, foul language, and inappropriate comments Announcement feeds for clear communication to attendees Separated Photo adds a lot of interactivity and fun!

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