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Custom social media dashboards that engage event audiences

Socialize with us! Refynr Features: Dashboards & Reports Attendee Dashboards: Attendee Dashboard details: One web address optimized for smartphones, tablets, and laptops Refynr software filters and social media experts moderate your feeds 24 x 7 QR codes on signs and name badges allow for instant attendee participation See our featured dashboards Large Screen Dashboards: Large Screen details: Display at registration, foyers, exhibit halls, and general session when appropriate More screens = more engagement - Video of Refynr Dashboards Audiences love seeing their (moderated) tweets and photos appear for all to see Detailed Engagement Reports: Reports details: Excutive-level details to show ROI of Twitter engagement See how many people total were reached, and who was most active Find the most influential people and which tweets make the most impact

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